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Best Nook Covers To Buy

September 20th, 2010

With the new Barnes and Noble Nook e-book reader becoming more and more popular it only seemed fit to introduce some of the many great Nook Covers that are currently available. Strangely there are not actually that many Nook Covers available on their own site but thanks to our special relationship with Amazon we can show you a massive selection of cheap nook covers.

View the full Nook Covers range Here

So, what are the most popular and most sought after Nook covers at the moment? Let’s take a look.

JAVOEdge Nook Covers

View The JAVOEdge Range

JAVOEdge Nook covers are among some of the most purchased from a vast number of options. The great color and pattern options make them a great choice. And as the quality is so high they do a great job of protecting the Nook. Popular items like the purple Nook cover from JAVOEdge have plenty of space inside (as you can see) for pads, paper and pens for those who like to take notes or like a few extra pockets with their e-book reader cases and covers.

So what else is popular?

Nook Covers And Cases Leather

It does seem that most people really want a leather Nook cover or case. Luckily there are some very high quality options that are surprisingly affordable. Much cheaper than leather Kindle covers in many cases.

Top of the range is again the JAVOEdge leather Nook cover the but you can see all options below.
Leather Nook Covers And Cases

Make sure to take a look at the many other options as there are quite a few Leather Nook cases and covers to choose from, but Javo Edge do seem to be some of the best priced and highest quality if you want real leather and not a faux leather Nook cover.

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