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Kindle Bags Leather Best Quality

August 12th, 2010

EDIT: There is a great new release from our favorite makers of leather bags, Saddleback leather. Perfect for the Kindle 2 or Kindle 3 leather bags and the craftsmanship is second to none.
Saddleback leather Kindle bag

Saddleback make handmade leather bags that are so superior to other makers there is simply no comparison. This small bag will fit the Kindle like a glove and is certainly about as stylish as you are likely to find. Hand crafted for the best possible quality, not the cheapest, but as their motto goes:

“Buy the best, cry once.”

Back to the original article:

When it comes to Kindle bags the leather Kindle bag option is becoming more and more popular. We get super high quality with great looks at the same time. There are quite a few options for the best leather Kindle bags so let’s take a look.

View the leather Kindle bag options here

View the M-Edge Kindle bags

The M-Edge leather Kindle bags are purpose made just for the Kindle. They will fit the new Kindle 3 as well so this is great news. Available in many different color options the stitching is high quality and the seams are perfect.

A soft gray microfiber interior lining keeps the Kindle well protected and it will fit even with a cover on which many Kindle bags do not do. 2 inner pockets allow us to store the Kindle and also the accessories we may need. This makes it a great versatile bag that is very affordable to buy.

Now, this is a very good buy but we do also like to tell our customers that they also have the option to simply buy a small leather messenger bag or a satchel. These are very versatile as they allow us to use just for the Kindle but also they are great every day bags for other purposes too. It may not be what you are looking for but then again it may so we do recommend that you take a look at small or medium leather messenger bags as well just so you know what all the options are.

See the leather messenger bags options here

As you can see there are some very cool leather messenger bags out there. Perfect for a Kindle and for other items too. But if you simply want a dedicated Kindle bag then the links at the top will direct you to the relevant sections.

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