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Best Kindle Covers To Buy

September 5th, 2010

best kindle coversWith the new Kindles available, as well as the very popular Kindle 3 and the Kindle Tablet we thought that we would introduce you to some of the amazing Kindle covers available. We simply cannot cover all of them in depth so please see the link below for the full range of the best Kindle covers for sale.

View all available Kindle covers HERE

And now that the Kindle 4 is out we have those covered too! See the Kindle 4 covers page and the Kindle Fire cases page for the latest information. Of course, the most popular are leather Kindle covers. You can actually buy leather Kindle covers very cheaply so let’s take a look at what most customers actually buy shall we?

Leather Kindle Covers

From total luxury Cole Haan Kindle covers to great inexpensive tan leather Kindle covers from OCTOVO like the one in the image to the left, there are many great options to suit all budgets. Use the link to browse the full range and we know that you will not be disappointed.

Kindle Covers With Lights

Lighted Kindle covers are fairly recent additions and we think they are a great idea. Super sleek, leather options are available for a low price and there are also many colors to chose from. Apart from that there are also a number of Kindle 3 Lighted covers available as well.

The lights are very discreet but are perfect for when we want to read in bed or just want some low level lighting for atmosphere, especially when we get in to reading a great horror novel.

Of course we could not talk about Kindle covers without mentioning the new releases for the superb new Kindle 3.

Kindle Covers For Sale

View them all HERE
The best Kindle  covers are currently those produced by Amazon themselves. With many that include a light as well as available in a number of very cool colors. Be sure to check out the many options via the link above. We are sure that if you have just bought a new Kindle 3 then you want to protect it in style so get a great leather Kindle 3 cover and look after that new e-book reader in style.

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