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Kindle 4 Covers and Cases

July 4th, 2011

With a number of different new Kindle 4 options available we thought it best to show you the full range as well as specific Kindle 4 covers and cases for the different models. There will be cases and covers for the Kindle Touch and covers for the small Kindle too. Plus Kindle 4 sleeves.

Here are the best links to the covers and cases currently available

Kindle 4 Covers

Kindle Sleeves and Cases

It is very important that if you are buying the new Kindles that you get a way of protecting them at the same time, the same for the Tablet, see the Kindle Fire cases for more information. It is all too easy to leave it until after the Kindle arrives and by then it may be too late. Buy at the same time to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Apart from anything else it makes carrying the Kindle that little bit easier.

Here are a few of the many options you will see if you browse what is available via our links near the top:

Kindle 4 caseKindle 4 coverKindle 4 sleeve

You will also find that more and more new releases will be out daily so check back for the new options. Or bookmark the page (ctrl D).

Best Kindle 4 Cover

What is the best Kindle 4 cover?

That is really entirely down to the individual. We have found from sales for the Kindle 3 covers that it varies wildly between different people. Some want a simple slip sleeve while others want a Kindle 4 cover with light. All are available via the full range links.

What We Recommend?

We think it is best to browse the full ranges as everyone has different needs. If you are prone to dropping things then you want all the padding that you can get.

If you keep losing things then you certainly want something very bright like the dot options shown.

And if you are going to be out and about a lot with your Kindle then make sure that what you buy will fit in to your bag. This often means a slim leather Kindle 4 cover.

The Kindle 4 envelope cases are also becoming increasingly popular as well so they are also certainly an option.

Top Kindle 4 Covers

We love the simplicity of the leather option with a light. It is, for us, the most versatile. But you may want something totally different. Take a look and see what you think. We think you will be more than happy with the many options now available.

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