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Epipen Cases

August 29th, 2011

Both adults and children that run the risk of a severe allergic reaction and an anaphylactic shock need to carry adrenaline with them at all times. Epipen cases for the most popular auto-injector allow the pens to be carried without it being seen as an all-encompassing issue and allows them to be accessed immediately if needed.

There are  a number of different options for an Epipen case so let’s explore what is available. Please use the link provided to view the options that we have or read on to see what we think are the best picks for Epipen cases, carriers and bags.

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Epipen Cases

take in case epipen carrierOf all the Epipen cases the best Epipen case is going to be one that is relatively simple and discreet. One of the most popular is the Take In Case Epipen carrier.

It can be slid on to the shin, the upper arm or thigh. This can then be hidden under clothing if so desired.

A simple yet effective solution that works very well and can allow 2 pens to be carried when on the go.

The Epipen sleeve is perfect for those that want a totally hands off carrier.

Epipen Strap Pack

epipen strap packAnother option is an Epipen strap pack. You simply attach to a belt or a backpack with the velcro straps.

Ease of access when needed is then guaranteed.

There are a number of different color options available, from camoflauge to bright, depending on personal preference.

With a handy zipper to secure the epipen you can be assured it stays safe and protected but can be accessed very quickly if the need does arise.


Epipen Case Belt

The strap pack can be used with a belt and an Epipen case for belts may be the best option if you do not like having the feel of the Take In Case against your skin.

Epipen Case For Kids

epipen case for kidsFor the kids, and adults actually, there are some great colors available for the pouches.

Epipen Case Pouch

The bright Epipen case for kids livens up what we know is a very serious issue and it also make the Epipen case pouch stand out if someone else needs to find and access it quickly.

There is another option that also easily carries 2 pens and is very discreet if that is the preference.


anatote twinAnatote Twin

The Anatote twin is perfect for the Epipen or the Anapen. It has a quick access velcro strap to get to the pens quickly and with its special clip it can be attached to belts or clothing without belts.

It also comes with a handy key chain so it can be hung up next to the door so that it is never forgotten when we leave the house.

A great idea as we know the importance of never forgetting to take our pens with us when we go away from the home.

Epipen Case Insulated

If the weather is too warm then adrenalin needs to be kept cool. An insulated Epipen case is the answer for those living in warm parts of the country and one name is by far the best choice.

FRIO Duo Pen Insulin Cooler Wallet

FRIO Duo Pen Insulin Cooler WalletThe FRIO insulin cooler wallet is perfect for keeping the Epipen cool and protected at the same time. Not to mention giving ease of access if needed.
Pick from a wide range of colors, the frio Epipen cooler wallet also ensures that the insulin does not get too cold either, it insulates against both heat and cold. The beauty is that no refrigeration is needed, you just activate with water.

Either use it to store pens or insulin and needles so they maintain the correct temperature wherever you may be.

Epipen Carrying Case

There are plenty of other options for Epipen carrying cases too. There is the portapocket which comes with a strap to wear around the arm or leg.

It can also be used with a belt too. Or there are little tote Epipen carry cases too.

There is also a small insulated carry case for Epipen users for just a few dollars.

It comes with a gel pack to keep the insulin cool and can be used with the strap or simply clipped on to a belt or piece of clothing.

epipen carry caseHopefully this article has been a great introduction to the many options for Epipen cases and the other variations to allow you to safely and securely take your Epipen or Anapen with you everywhere you go with the minimal amount of inconvenience.

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We are sure you will love the prices from our favorite supplier and we are certain that there is the perfect Epipen case for your needs.

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