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Booq iPad Bags Best Price

August 12th, 2010

When it comes to iPad bags the Booq iPad bags for sale are a very popular item. Quality at a very affordable price is what the Booq Taipan Slim iPad bag is all about. Simple yet perfect for really protecting the iPad when on the go. Shall we take a look at this cool bag?

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The cheap Booq iPad bags are made from great water resistant materials and the compartment for the iPad is a nice snug fit. The padding couldn’t be thicker so it really does a great job of protecting the precious tablet and with plenty of room for all the related stuff we seem to need nowadays on our journeys this bag i s perfect for the job.

The interior is roomy and offers up plenty of space for chargers etc. With a heavy duty removable shoulder strap we can then use as a briefcase and the handles also tuck away neatly if we don’t want that option. This is actually a very versatile bag that is also very light in weight so we won’t feel like we are carrying around a sack of rocks before we evenvadd our iPad. Some do you know!

What we love is that this bag comes with a serial number so that if lost and recovered you can guarantee that it really was yours.

“Yes, officer, I know I should not have left my iPad and bag on the train, but look, I have the serial number. It is mine you know.”

It could happen so get the only bag that offers this feature. It is certainly a very clever and innovative idea and is another reason why this is a great bag to own.

The Booq Taipan Slim for iPad, a great choice for iPad bags.

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