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Timbuk2 Kindle Messenger Bags Best Kindle Messenger Bag

August 11th, 2010

The Kindle bags range now has the addition of the great Timbuk2 Kindle bags. These Kindle messenger bags are a welcome addition and are certainly a very high quality and also a very cheap Kindle bag, especially for what you get for the price.

See the Timbuk2 Kindle bags here

What we will find with the best price Timbuk2 Kindle bags is that they are simply a very high quality product with plenty of space.

Suitable for the Kindle 2 and Kindle 3 there is plenty of room to keep the Kindle safe as well as a number of other items that you may wish to take with you. Waterproof liner, durable exterior and a perfect fit for the Kindle. As with many other Kindle bags the details may state that it is only for the Kindle 2 but you will find that the company has simply not changed the information to state that it is fine for the slightly thinner Kindle 3 too.

With many great reviews the Timbuk2 Kindle messenger is perfect for those that also want to take a few slightly more bulky items along with their reader. With a handy key attachment and plenty of exterior and interior pockets there is no doubt that this is one of the most popular and best Kindle bags on the market at the current time.

If you are wondering about what to get then it is always worth ensuring that your bag has a little extra space for a few additional items and the Timbuk2 Kindle bag has exactly that. We think that the price is very low and there is no doubt that it is very well made and built to last.

Take your beloved Kindle with you wherever you go with the Timbuk2 Kindle messenger bag.

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Kindle Bags Best Price

August 11th, 2010

With the Kindle 3 now available and many still looking for a bag for Kindle 2 and the DX we thought it was about time we introduced some very cool Kindle bags to the site. Here we will take an overview of some of the best Kindle bags but you can look in the Kindle category for many more additions or simple browse the full range from here. And please bear in mind that all Kindle 2 bags will fit the new and ever so slightly smaller Kindle 3 too.

See all available Kindle bags here

Leather Kindle Bags

Bags like the Octovo Kindle bag to the right are specific for the Kindle and are able to also accommodate the DX. Click the image to the right for more images of this very affordable and popular leather Kindle bag. But you may also like to think about simply purchasing a leather messenger bag or satchel for your Kindle. You will find there is plenty of room for other items and they can then be used on a day to day basis as a great general yet cool bag.

See the leather Kindle bags here

The Melrose bag in the image is a very popular item and certainly comes with plenty of extras. It is a leather case that comes with a handle and also a reading light for very little cost. Certainly worth considering. But don’t forget to take a look at all the leather messenger bags that you can carry your Kindle in.

See the leather messenger bags options here

Items like the Saddleback leather medium satchel are perfect for carrying a Kindle and are about as stylish as you could hope to get. Apart from the satchel that is fairly spacious Saddleback leather also have a fantastic designer leather Kindle bag that fits the Kindle like a glove. You will look as cool as it is possible to look with this small but exquisite designer leather Kindle bag.

See more details of the Saddleback leather small Kindle bag here

As we can see, there are plenty of options for leather Kindle bags so what else can we carry our Kindle in?

Kindle Messenger Bags

There are quite a number of Kindle messenger bags available so it is probably best if you simply take a look at the many options, there are quite a few and prices can vary.

View Kindle messenger bags here

From the Kindle messenger bag range you have options for the best Kindle bags that also include lights and adapters and many more extras. Multi pocket Kindle bags, nylon Kindle bags and quite a staggering array of other options. All this makes it best if you simply browse the ranges and pick what is most suitable for your needs.

Multi Pocket Kindle Messenger Bags

Many people want a multi pocket Kindle bag and there are a few great options in this category.

View the multi pocket Kindle bags here

With the multi pocket bags for the Kindle you can easily take along all accessories as well as anything else that you think you may need or is convenient to travel with.

And please note that all the Kindle bags that say they are for the Kindle 2 are fine for the new Kindle 3. It is simply that many companies have not yet got around to editing the details of their products. The new Kindle 3 bags will simply be an updated description of Kindle 2 bags. So, don’t worry if you have a new Kindle 3 and want a bag, the new model is slightly smaller so there is nothing to worry about and most Kindle bags are made to fit the DX as well, it is all about the internal support for keeping the Kindle safe and most people have Kindle covers anyway. Take a look at the many options and see what you think of the many Kindle bags for sale.

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