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Kindle 4 Covers and Cases

July 4th, 2011

With a number of different new Kindle 4 options available we thought it best to show you the full range as well as specific Kindle 4 covers and cases for the different models. There will be cases and covers for the Kindle Touch and covers for the small Kindle too. Plus Kindle 4 sleeves.

Here are the best links to the covers and cases currently available

Kindle 4 Covers

Kindle Sleeves and Cases

It is very important that if you are buying the new Kindles that you get a way of protecting them at the same time, the same for the Tablet, see the Kindle Fire cases for more information. It is all too easy to leave it until after the Kindle arrives and by then it may be too late. Buy at the same time to avoid any unwanted mishaps.

Apart from anything else it makes carrying the Kindle that little bit easier.

Here are a few of the many options you will see if you browse what is available via our links near the top:

Kindle 4 caseKindle 4 coverKindle 4 sleeve

You will also find that more and more new releases will be out daily so check back for the new options. Or bookmark the page (ctrl D).

Best Kindle 4 Cover

What is the best Kindle 4 cover?

That is really entirely down to the individual. We have found from sales for the Kindle 3 covers that it varies wildly between different people. Some want a simple slip sleeve while others want a Kindle 4 cover with light. All are available via the full range links.

What We Recommend?

We think it is best to browse the full ranges as everyone has different needs. If you are prone to dropping things then you want all the padding that you can get.

If you keep losing things then you certainly want something very bright like the dot options shown.

And if you are going to be out and about a lot with your Kindle then make sure that what you buy will fit in to your bag. This often means a slim leather Kindle 4 cover.

The Kindle 4 envelope cases are also becoming increasingly popular as well so they are also certainly an option.

Top Kindle 4 Covers

We love the simplicity of the leather option with a light. It is, for us, the most versatile. But you may want something totally different. Take a look and see what you think. We think you will be more than happy with the many options now available.

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Kindle 3 Lighted Leather Covers

October 11th, 2010

If you are looking for Kindle three lighted leather covers then there are a great range now available. From classic black to some great and more exuberant options. See below for the full range. Also see the Kindle 4 covers and Kindle Fire cases for the latest generation of protection.

View All Color Options HERE

There is no doubt that from all of the many Kindle 3 covers options available it is the lighted leather Kindle cover that has become the most popular. It simply allows us to use the Kindle 3 in the most versatile of ways.

kindle cover with integrated light

Pick a bright and funky red or blue leather Kindle iii cover with light so that you never forget where you put it down or something more classic if you want to keep it very discreet. Either way they do a fantastic job of allowing us the freedom to read with no other light source.

And the brilliant thing is that they take no batteries. They work on a clever system so that they draw a small amount of power from the Kindle itself. And the Kindle 3 is still going to run for weeks between charges so they are about the best possible choice.

The light is sited top right at the back and we would not even know it was there unless we flipped it up to read so it is very unobtrusive indeed. If you want to read late at night with just the light directed at your reader then these new cases really are a great buy. Made from high quality leather and a gold hinged system to ensure the Kindle 3 is totally secure the covers really are built to last and protect at the same time. Take a look at the many options available, we are sure you will find exactly what you were looking for.

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Kindle 3 Folios For Sale

October 7th, 2010

We have looked at many Kindle 3 covers and now it is time to take a look at some cool folios for Kindle 3 owners. There are quite a number to look at but we will cover some of the most popular options. Don’t forget to also take a look at the many other options available. If you have now decided on a Kindle 4 then see the cases here and the Kindle Fire tablet cases too.

A Few Of The Best Kindle 3 Folios:

View all Kindle 3 Folios HERE

Let’s take a look at these popular options in a little more detail.

TrendyDigital Kindle 3 Folios

These are actually rather cheap Kindle 3 folios but the quality is remarkably high. There are quite a few color options to choose from so be sure to spend a little time browsing the range.

View all color options HERE

The Folios for Kindle 3 from TrendyDigital are a great price and does a brilliant job of keeping the Kindle 3 safe and secure. Strong elastic will ensure it stays put, and all ports are easy to access when the folio cover is in place. With a double zipper we are never going to run the risk of the Kindle 3 coming loose.

And with plenty of room for pens, paper, cards and more this brand is a great and very inexpensive way to protect the Kindle 3 in style.

rooCase Kindle 3 Folios

The rooCase Folios for Kindle 3 are also very inexpensive, and considering the fact that we are getting a leather cover the prices really are rather amazing.

View all rooCase Options HERE

Again they are available in a number of different color options, each made from genuine leather and perfect to protect in style. With room for pens, paper, plus credit cards and cash notes and even a clear drivers license wallet these are almost the same as a large wallet or purse but with the added ease of use of allowing us to travel with our Kindle protected.

With a magnetic button closure and a soft suede inner lining the rooCase Kindle 3 folios for sale are definitely one of our top choices. Lots of color options makes this a great choice.

View all Kindle 3 Folios HERE


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LeSportsac Kindle 3 Covers Some Cool Kindle Covers

September 16th, 2010

It’s time to get funky with some great new releases. If you want to buy LeSportsac Kindle 3 covers for sale at the best price then take a look at the great Kindle 3 covers below.

View The Full LeSportsac Range

Here are three of the funkiest in the collection:

Cool Kindle 3 Covers

These really will make you stand out from the crowd. The new Kindle 3 deserves a cover that does it justice and the new cool range from LeSportsac are among some of the coolest we have seen.

Made from very durable nylon the price is very low for these great new funky Kindle 3 covers. They are very lightweight which is always good as one of the features of the new Kindle 3 is how little it weighs. The LeSportsac Kindle covers are also washable which is great.

They use a Kindle hinge system to clip the Kindle 3 firmly in place so we know that it will be both very well protected and very safe.

If you want something a little different and certainly something that stands out from the usual colors then take a look at the many options they have, there are a lot more than just the three we have shown.

And if you are slightly prone to misplacing things around the home then a bright and funky Kindle 3 cover may be just what you need. You certainly won’t have any problems finding your Kindle if it is housed in something nice and bright. Many people are actually finding it a real advantage to get something striking as it really does save some time trying to remember just where you put your brilliant new e-book reader.

Choose from birds, checks, stripes, swirls and more, the LeSportsac Kindle 3 covers for sale are a very exciting new release indeed.

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Kindle 3 Covers M-Edge Kindle Covers

September 14th, 2010

M-Edge Kindle 3 covers are amongst some of the most coveted to hit the stores in recent months and there are a number of great new M-Edge Kindle 3 covers just about to be released.

See all new and upcoming releases HERE

Many great new M-Edge covers and Kindle 3 jackets are already offered but there are going to be a lot of very cool items that you can order now for when they come out too.

These include the M-Edge Latitude jacket for Kindle 3 (click on the image for details of all releases) and other great new releases like the M-Edge Executive jacket. All are built to last and are available in a variety of cool colors that will keep the Kindle snug as well as looking great.

The M-Edge Kindle 3 jackets are some of the most reasonably priced Kindle protectors that we have seen and are certainly very good value for money.

The executive jackets come in a number of color ranges which you can pick by clicking on the link above and they look nice and sleek as well as offering plenty of room for card or paper storage.

With space for the light, which is becoming more and more desirable the new M-Edge executive Kindle 3 jacket is definitely one of the greatest new Kindle covers to hit the marketplace. We recommend taking a look at the large range that they have to offer to see just what is both most suitable, will do your new Kindle the most justice, and to pick a funky Kindle 3 cover that perfectly suits your taste.

Don’t forget that it is worth getting something a little bright if you are prone to losing things. More and more people are now commenting that they are glad they bought something bright, it makes finding the Kindle when you need it a little bit easier.

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Pink Kindle Covers For Sale Pink Kindle 3 Covers

September 9th, 2010

pink kindle coverThere has always been a lot of interest in anything offered that is pink so let’s take a look at some of the best pink Kindle covers currently available. Including pink Kindle covers for the Kindle 3, which have been having some exceptional numbers of sales. You may also like to look at the Pink Kindle carry case options too.

HOT Pink Kindle Cover

There are an awful lot of options for pink kindle covers and cases. Just take a look:

See the full Pink Kindle cover range here

Obviously we won’t be able to take a closer look at them all, we will leave that down to you. So, let’s take a look at just a few of the bestselling Pink Kindle covers currently available. There is nothing better than picking items based on popularity, and if you click the links you can also read the Pink Kindle cover reviews for the top selections, which is always invaluable.

Best Pink Kindle Covers

M-Edge Prodigy Pink Kindle Cover

The M-Edge Leather Pink Kindle cover is one of the most popular options for those looking for a high quality but affordable cover.

A very secure strap gives even more security and further ensures that the Kindle is totally safe and protected.

  • Plush interior
  • Solid front and back
  • Kindle hinge technology
  • High quality leather
  • Compatible with the M-Edge booklight

With a large number of great reviews that you can read via the above link the pink M-Edge Kindle cover is a very good buy at a very affordable price.

JAVOedge Pink Croc Kindle Cover

The Pink JAVOedge Kindle cover is another item with a number of rather glowing reviews.

A very high quality leather Kindle cover with great specs.

  • Soft interior to prevent scratching
  • Magnetic snap for quick opening
  • Many interior pockets for storage of cards, pencils etc

This croc style pink Kindle cover is very popular and the fact that the front can be folded behind makes it a very versatile cover. You can also use it open book style and the handy pockets are perfect for those that may like to take notes about what they have read.

Of course this is just the tip of the icebeg, see the link at the top for the rather large range of Pink Kindle covers available for sale, there are a lot to choose from.

Pink Kindle 2 Cover/Pink Kindle 3 Cover

As we cannot look at all the many options for the Kindle 2 and the Kindle 3 please use the top link to browse the various options for pink kindle 2 cases and covers and Pink Kindle 3 cases and covers, we are quite excited about just what is on offer.

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Leather Kindle Covers For Sale

September 5th, 2010

When it comes to the best Kindle covers then there is no doubt that we are talking leather. Below you will find the link to the best price leather Kindle covers, available from Amazon, who we are lucky enough to be a partner with.

View the leather Kindle covers options here

Also see the Kindle 4 covers page for even more up to date options. And the Kindle Tablet cases page as well.You will find some amazing deals and some very high quality leather and very cool kindle covers for sale. Prices suit all manner of budgets. You can buy heavily discounted Kindle covers or very high quality luxury Kindle covers that will have friends looking on in a jealous rage. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular options at the moment as well as the best price leather Kindle covers.

Best Leather Kindle Covers

Without doubt Amazon’s own lighted leather Kindle cover is one of the most popular options at the moment.

A very discreet light that can be pulled out when needed and is totally invisible when slid back in to the cover. The lighted leather Kindle covers are a great option and one we highly recommend. What else are people buying?

Cole Haan leather Kindle covers are available in a few price ranges. But what all their covers have in common is high quality and great looks. One of the most popular options for Kindle owners at the moment we recommend that you take a look at what they have to offer, there are some very cool Kindle covers available from them.

OCTOVO leather Kindle covers are also a great choice and very affordable. The OCTOVO vintage leather Kindle cover is a firm favorite and gives a very classy look to the highly respected Kindle. Great looks, top design work and a great hinged design system to keep the Kindle as snug and secure as any Kindle cover can.

It folds back flawlessly for great and simple access and the rugged and quality look to the leather makes it a very popular choice.

Of course there are many other options too so we recommend that you use the links at the top of the page to browse through the other brands and options until you find the perfect and best leather kindle cover for you.

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Lighted Kindle Covers With No Batteries

September 5th, 2010

lighted kindle coversThere are a number of options for Kindle covers with lights. Some are rather clunky though, but luckily Amazon themselves have come to the rescue with a great integrated light that needs no batteries. It runs off the Kindle itself, but uses so little power that it will not really even effect how long your Kindle can run between charges.

View all Kindle covers with lights here

And for more up to date information on Kindle 4 cases see this link.  Not forgetting the Kindle Fire case options. As you can see from the image above this is a very discreet light that is fully integrated in to the cover itself. It simply slides up or down when needed and gives a lovely warm glow that is sufficient to easily read from your Kindle when you want to keep the atmosphere very mellow.

Kindle Covers With Lights

Grey microfiber protects the Kindle itself when it is in its cover and these kindle covers with lights are all made from genuine leather. For the price we think this is definitely one of the best Kindle covers options currently available. Take a look at the full range and the great items on offer from Amazon themselves. We think the Amazon option is the best integrated solution and is certainly very discreet. It simply folds away to become invisible when not in use so it gets a big thumbs up from us.

The LED lights uses simple contact technology to draw a tiny amount of power from the Kindle without effecting its brightness or functionality and we think that as it is so discreet it makes sense to consider getting a Kindle cover with light if you are thinking about buying a cover at all. perfect for reading in bed or when you want some low levels of lighting, the prices are low enough to make them an option that is certainly worth considering.

And if you are a fan of horror novels then what better way to get a great spooky atmosphere?

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Kindle 3 Covers And Cases

September 5th, 2010

With the new Kindle 3 flying off the virtual shelves we need to look at just what Kindle covers are available for the new e-book reader. It is actually currently the covers produced by Amazon themselves that are the best buy at the moment. Use the link below to take a look.

Full range of Kindle 3 covers

You can view the full range by Amazon as well as all the new releases as they are made available. We should be seeing more additions on a daily basis so be sure to browse through the options.

Currently our favorites are the ones that come with integrated lights in the image below. They are available in so many color options that there is definitely going to be one that suits you perfectly. We are finding that nearly all options are now for leather Kindle 3 covers. With prices so low for a high quality material it makes sense to buy a Kindle 3 cover from leather.

We want to protect our Kindle properly and with a little panache and leather certainly fits the bill. With great simple designs we get a secure strap as well as a strong clasp to make sure that our new Kindle 3 is safe and totally protected.

We recommend that you take a look at the option with a light if you are one of those people that likes to stay up reading late and does not want to disturb anybody else.

Whatever you do decide to buy we guarantee that all you will find are high quality covers for the Kindle 3 for sale at great prices but with an eye always on great detail and quality materials. Most come with soft interiors to really protect the Kindle 3 and you will find that they in no way hinder the reading experience, they simply make sure that your investment is totally protected.

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Best Kindle Covers To Buy

September 5th, 2010

best kindle coversWith the new Kindles available, as well as the very popular Kindle 3 and the Kindle Tablet we thought that we would introduce you to some of the amazing Kindle covers available. We simply cannot cover all of them in depth so please see the link below for the full range of the best Kindle covers for sale.

View all available Kindle covers HERE

And now that the Kindle 4 is out we have those covered too! See the Kindle 4 covers page and the Kindle Fire cases page for the latest information. Of course, the most popular are leather Kindle covers. You can actually buy leather Kindle covers very cheaply so let’s take a look at what most customers actually buy shall we?

Leather Kindle Covers

From total luxury Cole Haan Kindle covers to great inexpensive tan leather Kindle covers from OCTOVO like the one in the image to the left, there are many great options to suit all budgets. Use the link to browse the full range and we know that you will not be disappointed.

Kindle Covers With Lights

Lighted Kindle covers are fairly recent additions and we think they are a great idea. Super sleek, leather options are available for a low price and there are also many colors to chose from. Apart from that there are also a number of Kindle 3 Lighted covers available as well.

The lights are very discreet but are perfect for when we want to read in bed or just want some low level lighting for atmosphere, especially when we get in to reading a great horror novel.

Of course we could not talk about Kindle covers without mentioning the new releases for the superb new Kindle 3.

Kindle Covers For Sale

View them all HERE
The best Kindle  covers are currently those produced by Amazon themselves. With many that include a light as well as available in a number of very cool colors. Be sure to check out the many options via the link above. We are sure that if you have just bought a new Kindle 3 then you want to protect it in style so get a great leather Kindle 3 cover and look after that new e-book reader in style.

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