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Best Vertical Multi Pocket iPad Bags

August 12th, 2010

These vertical iPad messenger bags are iPad bags that are second to none in terms of style and quality. The front flap offers us much more protection for the contents within yet is also a very convenient way to get inside quickly. There are quite a number of vertical iPad messengers so let’s take a look. We will look at some top picks and you can also use the link below to browse the full vertical iPad bag range.

View the vertical messengers here

CaseCrown Vertical Multi Pocket Messenger Bag for the Apple iPad Tablet (2 COLORS)

There is one great option if we want a truly great vertical multi pocket and it is the CaseCrown vertical iPad bag. Made to be really strong and rugged it is a very durable bag with tons of inner pockets and has to be seen to be believed.

With many zippered internal pockets as well as numerous other sleeves and options for other items that we always seem to need it is hard to describe just how great and versatile a bag this really is. Click the images or links to read even more and for more images of the interior.

One thing we do like to remind customers of however is that many of the normal vertical messenger bags are perfect for the iPad. We don’t need a dedicated iPad bag to be able to snugly fit it in in safety. So it may well be worth taking a look at the hundreds of vertical messengers available as well. There are some great deals for many of them, even the leather options.

View all the vertical messengers suitable for the iPad here

We think that that should be more than enough choice for you and we are sure that you will find exactly what you are looking for. The CaseCrown is a great bag with plenty of interior room but take a look at the other options too just in case you see something that you may prefer. We are noticing that more and more people are now picking a leather iPad bag as they are extremely stylish.

We all want to say “My bag is cool” don’t we? And you can with a multi pocket vertical iPad bag.

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Booq iPad Bags Best Price

August 12th, 2010

When it comes to iPad bags the Booq iPad bags for sale are a very popular item. Quality at a very affordable price is what the Booq Taipan Slim iPad bag is all about. Simple yet perfect for really protecting the iPad when on the go. Shall we take a look at this cool bag?

View the Booq iPad bags

The cheap Booq iPad bags are made from great water resistant materials and the compartment for the iPad is a nice snug fit. The padding couldn’t be thicker so it really does a great job of protecting the precious tablet and with plenty of room for all the related stuff we seem to need nowadays on our journeys this bag i s perfect for the job.

The interior is roomy and offers up plenty of space for chargers etc. With a heavy duty removable shoulder strap we can then use as a briefcase and the handles also tuck away neatly if we don’t want that option. This is actually a very versatile bag that is also very light in weight so we won’t feel like we are carrying around a sack of rocks before we evenvadd our iPad. Some do you know!

What we love is that this bag comes with a serial number so that if lost and recovered you can guarantee that it really was yours.

“Yes, officer, I know I should not have left my iPad and bag on the train, but look, I have the serial number. It is mine you know.”

It could happen so get the only bag that offers this feature. It is certainly a very clever and innovative idea and is another reason why this is a great bag to own.

The Booq Taipan Slim for iPad, a great choice for iPad bags.

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Best Pink iPad Bags

August 12th, 2010

There are a number of pink iPad bags for sale at some great low prices. iPad bags have become very popular as more of us are on the move so often and what better way to carry the iPad than with a hot pink iPad bag?

Buy this Pink Shoulder Bag for Apple iPad

The pink shoulder bag above is simple yet elegant and just as importantly if you want to buy pink iPad bags, it is a very reasonable price.

Carry like a briefcase or as a shoulder bag, this is definitely an iPad bag that let’s you say, “Yes, MY BAG IS COOL”. With a padded shoulder strap, double zippers, two internal pockets (padded) and two external pockets as well, there is plenty of room for any accessories.

iPad Carrying Case Two-Toned

This pink and gray iPad bag comes with hide away handles as well as a free wrist band. Plenty of pockets again for all the extras and of course a very low price.

There is also the option to buy a hard carry case for the iPad if you may be inclined to bump in to a lot of things, which I do. Take a look at this item below.

Click the image for more info. This set comes with a pink iPad carry case as well as an inner case and ear buds and many more additional items that means it is extremely good value for money.

If you wanted a pink Ipad bag then we hope that you have seen a few items that are of interest. Take a look at the details via the links or images and soon you will be strutting your stuff with a new and very cool pink iPad bag.

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CaseCrown iPad Bags At Low Prices

August 11th, 2010

With the Case Crown iPad bags we are getting iPad bags that combine quality, good looks and affordability. With many options to choose from including CaseCrown vertical iPad bags as well as great multi pocket iPad bags they have a great range and plenty to chose from. Let’s take a look at one of the best sellers but don’t forget that you can view all other options easily using the link below.

View all CaseCrown iPad bags here

One of he most popular items is the CaseCrown vertical multi pocket iPad messenger bag in chocolate. Simple yet elegant this is a great bag that we can be proud to call our own. With more pockets than you could throw a stick at (if you want to) this is a bag that is full of features and perfect for anyone who likes to be out and about with a number of handy iPad accessories as well as many other day to day items that are needed.

Funky orange lining for that “cool” effect, easy velcro straps, and oh, did we mention that it has a lot of pockets? Not sure if we did!

A great buy at unbeatable value and sure to be a real winner for any lover of the iPad, this is one iPad bag that is definitely up there as the best value for money.

Tale a look at the other options too but we are sure that this will be just what you were looking for if you want a great vertical iPad bag with plenty of room for all those bits and pieces.

Easy access and great security at the same time, the padding is very heavy duty to protect your precious iPad from any dangers that it may encounter on its way to who knows where, we don’t want to be nosy. Take a look at the great CaseCrown iPad bags.

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Case Logic iPad Bags Cool iPad Bags

August 11th, 2010

Case Logic iPad bags are very inexpensive yet practical iPad bags for those that simply want to protect their iPad and have the ability to safely carry it about without any frills and for a rock bottom price. We won’t win any awards for being the most stylish kid on the block but little do they know that we have our superb iPad inside. So, what do they have to offer?

View the Case Logic range here

They offer a range of simple iPad bags in either traditional or vertical style for our convenience. The Neoprene bag or sleeve has a handy carry handle to transport our iPads simply yet in safety. Padded for protection and with a simple zipper they are perfect for quick access and have space for all needed accessories.

Weather resistant and simple the Case Logic cases or bags are a very low cost item that simply does as advertised. They won’t win any awards for style but we don’t always want a carry bag that is for drawing attention, sometime we want the bag to blend in and be purely utilitarian, and this is exactly what these bags are.

Take a look at the options they have available, they are all of a very low price and are sure to be just what you want in an affordable iPad bag that just protects the iPad while you are on the move.

Don’t be afraid to look at some of the other options though in the iPad bags category, there really are a lot of different styles to choose from and you may just be taken by one of the rather stunning options that are currently available.

Some of the leather iPad bags will have you drooling and be sure to set your budget before you look as many people have got very carried away when what they came here for was just a very affordable Case Logi iPad bag.

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Simplism iPad bags On Sale

August 11th, 2010

The Simplism iPad bags come in a number of styles and materials. The Simplism leather iPad bags are the firm favorites for cool bags so let’s take a look at the most popular option as well as the other iPad bags that they have available.

As much an iPad case as a bag the flap is lifted so that all parts can be accessed while it is still totally protected. Corners are re-enforced and the extra padding and security this bag provides will ensure that no harm comes to the iPad within. With a great carry strap for over the shoulder this is a case and iPad bag combo that is simple yet very elegant.

See all the Simplism iPad bags here

Simplism iPad bags also come in a number of other great styles. The Simplism outdoor bag for iPad is available in a few great colors as well as being very affordable if you want to protect your iPad when you are on the move.

Totally waterproof and using special technology to ensure that no damage can be done via the seams or zipper these are great waterproof iPad bags that are still very affordable. The pocket for headphones and accessories is also very handy and again is totally waterproof. If you want a great colorful, or even black, waterproof bag for the iPad then these are a great option. The leather strap bag for the iPad is also a great item with a lot of style. Take a look at the options and see what you think.

We think that for the price these small iPad bags are a great choice. They may not have much room for much apart from the iPad but if that is all that you wish to carry around with you then they are perfect for that. And yes, you will be able to say “My bag is cool”. Which we know that you really do want to do, don’t you? Buy the Simplism iPad bag for great protection.

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MacCase iPad Bags Luxury iPad Bags Sale

August 11th, 2010

iPad bags don’t come much better than this, luxury iPad bags from MacCase. They have a number of exciting bags that are both very high quality and very versatile as well. All made from the best possible quality cuts of leather for an iPad bag that is going to be the talk of the town. Yes, you will be the proud owner of a “Cool Bag”. Let’s take a look at the most popular item. But you can also take a look at all they have to offer below.

View MacCase iPad luxury bags here

The MacCase premium leather iPad flight jacket with backpack option is super versatile and really does have a great many options. It can be used as a regular over the shoulder bag as well as being simply carried using the top handle. But it also converts in a matter of seconds to a great backpack. iPad backpacks are a great way to free up the hands for when we are on the move.

With a vertical flap for added protection you can lift it up for extra storage and with an option to remove the front pouch we really do have a very versatile bag. Designed just for the iPad this bag is lined to a very high quality just to make sure that your iPad is protected and cared for in the style it should be accustomed to.

Take a look at the MacCase leather backpack for iPads and the other options too, we are sure that you will be very pleased with what they have made with iPad owners in mind. We think they are a great buy and certainly when it comes to luxury iPad bags they are one of the best possible options apart from the Saddleback leather company bags that can be used as iPad bags.

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Leather iPad Bags On Sale

August 11th, 2010

In the leather iPad bags range there is quite a lot to choose from. iPad bags from leather are all about great looks and superior protection. There are some amazing options, and if you read the luxury iPad bags post then you know that we have a firm favorite.

Amazing Saddleback Leather luxury iPad bags

An item of sheer beauty that may not be the cheapest leather iPad bag on the market but it is the most beautiful and definitely the best leather iPad bag we have seen. But we know that many people will cry when they see how much quality leather iPad satchels cost. But don’t despair, there are plenty of other choices for those that don’t want to rob a bank to buy a bag, although you may be tempted. DON’T DO IT! Rob the bank, that is, not buy the bag.

See the other Leather iPad bags here

As you can see there are a number of really great options that are still very impressive.

Although trust us, you will dream of this bag and will have nightmares if you buy something else. But if you really cannot justify buying a hand made leather messenger bag with a hundred year guarantee and a bag that they will fight over when you are dead then pick from the other great options.

Another top pick are the MacCase luxury iPad bags. Know as the MacCase flight jacket they are of amazing quality and certainly come under the luxury category. But if these top picks are a little on the high priced side for you then there are plenty of other very affordable options too.

MacCase Premium Leather iPad Flight Jacket w/ Backpack Option – Vintage
Your iPad deserves quality and that means leather iPad bags that are durable and are more than roomy enough for all accessories that you may also need. Just be sure to take in to account the fact that if you buy a more general leather satchel it becomes a very versatile bag and not just a bag that only fits an iPad. So with that in mind we have some other items that you may be interested in:

Leather bags suitable for the iPad are HERE

Super versatile and the best possible quality, there are a range of leather messenger bags and leather satchels that are perfect for carrying around the iPad so be sure to take a quick look before you buy a leather iPad bag.

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Luxury iPad Bags Options

August 11th, 2010

If we really want to say MY BAG IS COOL then we need luxury iPad bags. And boy do we have some amazing bags to show you. Leather iPad bags that scream quality, but you know what? Before we say anything more, take a look at these babies. Just try not to cry at the sheer beauty of it all.

Amazing luxury iPad bags

Told you didn’t we? How is that for super high quality luxury iPad bags? Made by the Saddleback leather company these are iPad leather satchels or messenger bags that are hand made, hand stitched, and made from extremely durable full grain boot leather that is totally waterproof.

Yes we know the prices are high but the workmanship involved justifies the price. This is a very versatile range of iPad bags from leather that can be used for many different purposes and are roomy enough for carrying multiple other items.

For a lower price but still a high quality luxury iPad bag then how about the MacCase luxury iPad bags?

See the range here

The macCase iPad bags are another great luxury bag but at a much lower price. Still very high quality and certainly something to be proud of. The great flight jacket with backpack option is certainly a stunning bag and very versatile indeed. Premium leather, vertical flap for extra protection and lined for total care of your iPad.

The removable front pocket gives us another option. With optional straps and a carrying handle we can either have it over the shoulder, carry it or use the backpack option for when we want our hands free. This is certainly a great addition to the luxury iPad bags range.

If that is not enough for you then you can see all option sin the luxury range below.

See the Premium Leather iPad bags here

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STM iPad Bags Best Price

August 11th, 2010

STM have a great range of iPad bags that are very affordable but feel totally luxurious. iPad bags at budget prices but still scream luxury.

View the range of STM iPad bags here

With quite a few options to choose from we can pick the very popular tan STM iPad bag or something rather more subdued. The STM iPad shoulder bags are a great way to carry around the iPad to protect it without using a bulky bag that is too big for simply protecting the iPad. With options for cushioned felt interiors and velcro straps inside the bag as well as an outer buckle for security it is surprising that there is also space for extra pockets in these very discreet but cool iPad bags.

Some of the options include an opening front flap for organizing accessories as well as options for removable straps, business card holders and key chain attachments too. There are plenty of options within the range for all of your needs so be sure to take a look at the full range and the specifications for each bag, there is definitely going to be an STM bag that is perfect for your needs and the way that you like to be organized.

STM iPad shoulder bags are very versatile and there is no doubt that they are definitely a very affordable way to keep the iPad safe yet with great easy access for when you need it.

Of course, these bags are very popular and may be out of stock for certain designs so be sure to check that your option is available, it seems that the Olive STM bag is very popular and this is one of the items that you may have to be quick to buy before it sells out yet again.
We are sure that you will be more than pleased with the low prices and the options available and you can definitely say:

“My bag is cool”

With the great iPad bags from STM.

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